bit of a redesign

So I’ve done a bit of a redesign, based on the “Mushblue” theme by Mu. The picture at the top is of my own design, and was made in the Gimp, which is an excellent Open Source image editing app. As for the content on this site, it’s still lousy…

Otherwise, I have been insanely busy with working, finishing the Kether record, and preparing for the immanent birth of our baby, who is due on December 12th. All of these things go well, but are terribly time consuming. This has lead me to a new quest to find a more efficient

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way to get content onto my blog. I have been using a Palm LifeDrive a LOT, and have the feeling that this will be central to any new scheme I come up with. As for what that is/will be, I have no idea as of yet. The moral of this particular story is: check back, as hopefully i will be posting more often in the future!

I hope all is well for all of you.