LifeDrive and the mobile web

As I continue to use uBlog, it becomes clear that it is the current winner in the race to be the “mobile blogging software of choice” for the LifeDrive. It doesn’t crash (!), actually creates properly formatted WordPress posts (the trick was to connect to the WordPress blog in “Moveable type” format – “blogger” format didn’t create proper titles that wordpress recognized), supports WP categories, and is quick to use.

It’s funny that since I started “moblogging” I have posted more in the last three days than I had in the last 3 weeks, but all the posts so far have been about blogging. Could blogging about blogging be called “metablogging”?

Anyway, another neat thing I just started using on the LifeDrive is Opera Mini 4. This is another piece of software that doesn’t crash all the time (which is a huge improvement over the rather buggy previous version), which is amazing in and of itself. They seem to be catering it quite a bit more toward cellphones, which makes sense, but for some reason that means disabling the “hide onscreen keyboard” button on the LifeDrive. It’s not that it’s greyed out (which it is in uBlog, much to my chagrin), it’s that if you click on it it gives a “throwable” exception and crashes opera. Wonderful. Other than this, the program works great, and the RSS reader and “page overview” features alone make it by far the best mobile web browser

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i’ve seen.

I’m quickly coming to the conclusion (as I try to use the LifeDrive for all sorts of different tasks and try to install all sorts of software on it) that there really is a good reason why Palm discontinued it: Whatever custom “voodo” they used to make the nice large screen “flippable” (by way of a little special button on the side of the device) really doesn’t play very well with any other apps that are very screen/graphics intensive. For those who haven’t seen the LifeDrive, the area where you write Graffiti is done in software and rendered on the bottom of the screen (and you can switch it to a little keyboard), but you can click a button to hide it and give yourself more screen space. MOST app’s don’t support this button or the extra screen space it provides at all, and the button is simply greyed out. Not being able to hide the on-screen keyboard means that flipping the screen 90 degrees to the side gives you NO additional screen space whatsoever (which defeats the entire purpose of being able to flip

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the screen). Did Palm just drop the ball on this and not release the info developers need to make the button work, is it too hard to implement, or is it simply that Palm discontinued the LifeDrive before they sold enough of them to make it worth developers’ time to bother implementing at all? Whatever the reason, it wouldn’t be so frustrating if the LifeDrive wasn’t otherwise such a well executed device.

As I’ve said lately, it’s “almost awesome”. Still beats the iPod/iPhone though (the LifeDrive has a touch interface AND the ability to attach a real keyboard)…