I have a lot going on. Duh.

Jill’s last day of work before maternity leave was today, and I was sort of buried under fixing last-minute report card issues (gotta love people who wait til the absolute last minute to do things, and then do the “ohmygoditsnotworkingandineeditrightnow” dance when there’s a problem). Of COURSE there will be a problem at the last minute (Murphy and I, we go way back)! With quite a bit of help, those crises were averted, and then we got a Xmas tree on the way home, set that up, and went out to dinner and Half-Price Books. Ahh Half-Price Books.

Now that the day and week are behind us, I get time to unwind and make a blog post (from my PC this time). I’m still working on, but I think it’s at least mostly usable at this point. People seem to like the theme (even though the sidebar is rather broken in that wordpress install (on ALL the themes.. ). Maybe this weekend I’ll get time to figure it out – that’s assuming that Jill doesn’t go into labor of course. In that case the blog is “good enough” not matter what it looks like.

I’ve felt a lot lately as though I’ve shifted ever more into a “caregiving/custodial” role in my life. We have a son on the way, I’m a server admin at work, and with Jill pregnant, I’ve had quite a lot

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of the household chores shifted onto me. This and finishing the nursery. And I got the test pressing of my record back, and am working on a disc art “tweak” with jason and then re-uploading that. At this point, however, I think playing shows may just have to wait till spring… In the interim I can send the record off to a bunch of places and work on new material so the show is a bit more interesting. This will supposedly happen in any nominal amount of “free time” I have, so I’m not expecting much…

She’s due on Wednesday, so I’ll update and/or here when I have news.