Power Trip

I still haven’t had time to work on the DX7 more, but I have gotten slightly farther on my music studio. Today after work I dropped Jill off at her parents’ house and then went home. There I boxed up my old Nady CL-5000 (mk I) Compressor and got it ready to sell. I then went to Uptown (Minneapolis) and got my friend (and Kether’s guitar player) Tom, and from there we went to the St Paul Music Go Round, where I traded the CL-5000 and some cash for a Furman PL-8 Power Conditioner. I’ve wanted a power conditioner in my rack for a while, as it makes the rack much easier to move around, protects your gear from the sometimes sketchy power at various bars and clubs, and has pull-out lamps so you can see your gear in dark rooms. Also, it’s just nice to have everything plugged in within the rack and then one power cord running out, rather than a whole mess of power cords and wall-wart power adapters.

Anyway, after that Tom and I went to O’Gara’s

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Irish Pub and had some very excellent Reuben sandwiches (and I some Cider). It was delicious. Then I dropped Tom back off in uptown, went home and dropped off the power conditioner and switched cars (to the one with the car-seat base in it) and went and picked up Jill. Now I’ve come back home and installed the Furman, which all of my adapters fit into nicely. FedEx tried to deliver my Presonus Firepod today but we were both at work. They’ll try again tomorrow and Jill will be here, so I should actually get it tomorrow! Once that’s installed and I’ve resolved the issue with my DX7, I’ll “put my studio back together” and take a picture or two to put online.