DX7 patches, from Brian Eno

So now that my Yamaha DX7s is working, I once again, like MANY before me, get to be totally amazed at the sounds you can make on that synthesizer.  I spent like 10 minutes on it and made two different sounds that would have been flat out impossible to make on just about any other piece of equipment (hardware or software) that I’ve seen (except maybe the Kurzweil K2x00 series synths, but that’s another story entirely).

But shaping sounds using FM synthesis isn’t a simple or necessarily straightforward task.  You pretty much need to read the “Chowning Book” (and in that task it would help to be quite intelligent and quite patient), or you need to be fairly gifted or fairly lucky (or both!).  Or, you can learn it from someone who has mastered it already.  If you can find such a person.

Thankfully, most of you have heard of a famous musician named Brian Eno.  Aside from being famous, Eno seems to have all of the qualities I mentioned above (intelligent, patient, quite gifted, and lucky), and to have thoroughly mastered the Yamaha DX7.  This helps us mere mortals because, in the February 1987 issue of Keyboard magazine, he posted the settings required to recreate four of his own patches for the DX7.  Anyone with the will to learn sound design on the DX7 can put in those settings and learn a lot about how it works.  Enjoy.

DX7 Patches from Brian Eno!

 This is courtesy the Spoogeworld DX7 page.  Thanks for sharing all the great info!