Common Themes, an update

A common theme on this blog seems to be me complaining about how time has flown since i posted last. I want to do that again, because I haven’t posted since MAY and it’s now July 12th. Seriously.

Having gotten that out of my system, I’ll move on to another common theme: music. I’ve been trying to scrape together free time to work on the

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Kether live show, and with mixed results. On one hand, I really don’t have very much free time for music. I mean like maybe a few hours maybe every few days. I’ve been trying to set a “band practice” schedule of one day a week so that I can justify spending a little more time on it, but so far the Summer Craziness (and raising a child) has thwarted my plans. On the other hand, setting up band

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practice involves having a band to practice with, and I have managed to convince three of my musically inclined friends to heed my call to musical action and play keyboards (and in Tom’s case, guitar) with me. Now we just need to all get together at the same time, which hasn’t happened yet.

I have also managed to get a new MIDI controller for my studio: an M-Audio Axiom 49. SInce you can click links and read pages for yourself, I won’t write an ad here for the Axiom 49, but suffice it to say that this controller is a wonderful addition to my studio, and undoubtedly will greatly help with future production and live recording. Aside from that, its a lot of fun to play on!

Maybe soon (at this rate, “soon” means “before October”) I will share some pictures I have taken and post about something other than my self and my life. Until that time, peace.