flowers and ponies and spiders and web(s)

So it was the Easter weekend, and I got to take my family

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down to my mom’s house and spend time with them. A big part of this is that Lily got to ride the pony “Jessie”. As many people are quite aware, “little girl + pony = love” is so consistent that it could just about be a law of mathematics. Check out our family blog for more on all of that and where the “spiders” come in..

As for the (inter)webs, I’ve been getting Drupal training at work from the very cool and talented Drew Gorton of Gorton Studios. I’ve been using this knowledge to (aside from more work related activities) enhance my band website, The website is still “in flux”, but it’s come a long way, and it’s all done in Drupal now with a builtin player so you can listen to our whole record for free right on the site. I hope people like it. I’ve certainly learned a lot and had fun making it.