Europa Subsurface

I originally started thinking about making an ambient track to be a soundtrack for Dave Eckblad’s Kerbal Space Program stream ( This is what came of out of that.

The name is in reference to the recent discovery of Geysers on Jupiter’s moon Europa, caused by immense pressure in the water trapped under the frozen moon’s icy surface.

In order evoke this feeling of cold movement, I combined samples of recordings made under the ice of Antarctica with audio data (of solar plasma in interstellar space) from the Voyager 1 probe, and plasma wave data from the Van Allen space probes. The rest of the sounds are samples of the Kurzweil K2000R, Arturia Minibrute, Ensoniq SQR+ 32 voice, and Yamaha DX7s synthesizers. All of the production, sequencing and effects are from Caustic 3.

After the production was done, I sent the song to Dave and he was kind enough to mix and master it for me in his own environment.

I hope you enjoy the result, or at least find it interesting.