NOTE: This plugin currently has several bugs in its signal path that are forcing me to totally rewrite large portions of it.  As such i don’t recommend that you use it in your music right now :-/  If you would like a really nice FREE drum machine VSTi that has filters and envelopes and many more features, I HIGHLY recommend the excellent Grizzy Drum Sampler VSTi.  Thanks for checking out Arachnid.  I’ll make a post here and post an update on KVR Audio when I get this working the way it should.



The Arachnid 8 channel stereo drum sampler is a free VSTi plugin that I created in SynthEdit.  Why another drum plugin?  Because the only ones I could find that had the features I wanted cost hundreds of dollars, and I think you should be able to get a Drum Sampler with envelopes, filters and loop/reverse for free!

If you’d like to try it out, you can download either the compiled VSTi or the Synthedit source files (which require the DH SubControl paks , the KDL modules and this custom gui skin) here: 

Arachnid VSTi

Arachnid Synthedit Source File

Note that this plugin currently only provides two stereo output pairs.   This is due to the fact that I do not have the money to buy a copy of Synthedit (which would let me have 8 stereo output pairs like I want).  

Although this plugin is free, if you would like to donate money for me to register synthedit and add more outputs as well as removing removing the word synthedit from the VSTi name, you can click my Paypal donate button: